Over the past few decades, a new religion has displaced Christianity as the new predominant religion in America (in my opinion)


This may come as a surprise to some people. I call this new religion “Selfianity”


It’s preachers preach the gospel of self-is Christ, and its members could be described as “selfians”


It may surprise you to learn that you could be attending a “Selfian” church without even knowing it. That is because many of these churches actually started out as Christian churches, but have slowly been conformed into these “Selfian” temples over time. It can be very difficult to recognize them since most of them still retain the original Christian church names, display pictures of Jesus and even quote some of His sayings. In fact, the transition has been so gradual that even many of the preachers of this self-is Christ gospel do not realize that they are no longer preaching biblical Christianity.


Many of these preachers have gradually replaced the practice of diligent prayer and bible study in preparing sermons, with the new art of selecting pre-compiled media packages with which their people can be entertained as they are enlightened. In this way the Spirit led messages that “reprove, rebuke and exhort” have been replaced by comfort filled messages which encourage, affirm, and approve (only), while never demanding repentance, sacrifice, or selflessness.


Are you attending a “selfian” Church? Or, worse, have you become a “Selfian” without even knowing it? How can you recognize the signs?


These churches were originally founded by Holy Spirit led, bible believing and Christ centered preachers, and filled with people hungry for Jesus Christ and eager to learn His Word and be transformed by His gospel.


But slowly many of these churches have conformed their selves to the image of the world, and slowly become self-centered instead of Christ centered.


So, if you are interested in evaluating, ask yourself a few questions:


Are the messages and the music Christ centered? Or Self Centered?


What is the main point of the message? Does it seem like the central theme is Jesus Christ, or you? Is the purpose of the theology to exalt people, or to exalt God?


Is the preaching solidly bible based? Or do they rarely mention the bible, and when it is mentioned only quote a few short verses to support a much longer message of “self-help” type, motivational speaking?


The Bible tells us that in all things Jesus Christ must have the preeminence. Is that the feeling you get when you are in church? Or do you walk away feeling like you are the most important subject to the church, and to God?


How are you doing so far? Is your church Christian, or Selfian?


What about yourself? Is Jesus Christ the Lord and master of your as described in the bible? Or is He more like a genie in a bottle you call on when needed?


In your daily life, do you consider the will of God in the choices you make? Are you moved by Him? Is God’s will the primary factor you consider in choosing friends, career, media choices, and other important decisions? Or do we simply do whatever we please and expect God to bless it or excuse it?


What about you daily devotion to God? Is there such a thing in your life? Do you bible study consist of daily reading God’s word, in depth, and prayerfully considering its content? Or have you become like these majority selfians who suppose that they are doing “bible” study by reading a couple of short verses (usually taken out of context) in some devotional publication and then followed by several paragraphs, or pages of motivational stories from the author?


As a Christian are you building your life on the solid rock of Christ Jesus? Or is it on the sinking sand of selfianity?


Pastor Stout


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